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Wifi Manager

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Wifi Manager APK helps you to enhance your wifi network signal and expands your Android smartphones range to give you the most extreme speed of internet connection. Awful and feeble networks run results in slow internet and endure your searching experience.

Wifi Manager APK

However, with Wifi Manager APK you can expand and enhance your smartphone’s internet speed to the most conceivable point. Download Wifi Manager Range Extender free for Android Operating system.

Need to save a greater amount of your high-speed data? yes, you can. Let Wi-Fi Manager help via automatically finding and recalling free Wi-Fi networks. We need you to stress less over your data utilization and enjoy a greater amount of your day. It’s simple we look for an interface you to an access network, you save money on your high speed. Out it an attempt.

Wifi Manager Features

There are some important features we have listed if you want further features then download this app right now. This application has unlimited best features.

Wi-Fi Notifications in Wifi Manager

You won’t have to scan for hotspots once more. You’ll get warnings each time you’re near an accessible network.

Wi-Fi Prioritization

Want to ensure you generally connect with your favored hotspots? You can figure out which hotspots you interface with first.


Once you effectively connect with a hotspot out of the blue, you won’t need to login once more. Cricket Wi-Fi Manager will recall your data.

Hostage Portal Detection

If you like to connect at your preferred businesses, Cricket Wi-Fi Manager will raise the login screen and let you sign in and accept the terms and conditions. You can even have Cricket Wi-Fi Manager recall how to login to these captive gateways.

Poor Wi-Fi Avoidance

Forget the powerless connection. Cricket Wi-Fi Manager will check the quality of your Wi-Fi signal and connect you to a more grounded hotspot (or change to your phone data) if the quality is poor.

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WiFi-Manager is an Android application it helps in the management of WiFi connections, because of which you won’t just be able to find an interface with the network in your condition, however, it additionally will improve the quality of those connections.

This application has bunches of features. You can change the name and the symbol of WiFi around you to show on your screen as you need. Furthermore, you can rapidly watch the status of the network and the channel number.