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Download Walter Black APK PUBG Latest version free for Android smartphones and Android Operating System supporting tabs. The Latest version v3 is available here.

Walter Black Pubg APK

As we all are well aware of the name PUBG game. This PUBG Mobile has come with a revolution in the gaming world and has become one of the most popular games in battle history and probably been the most played online game on android devices.

At the same time, PUBG is considered as one of the most competitive most challenging and the hardest game, and due to such difficulties about the game, the hackers are also day to day increasing in the game. The problem with these hacking apps is that they have a serious disadvantage of getting your account banned.

This high risk has now to a great extent been minimized by a very famous app named Walter Black APK, an app that has emerged to be as famous as the game PUBG itself has been.

About Walter Black APK V3

This hacking app is famous not only for the very feature that it reduces the chances of getting your account banned but also it has multiple hacking characteristics and comes with some unique features. The app which has been developed by a Turkish programmer is quite simple and has the best and user-friendly interface.

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Key Features of Walter Black PUBG Apk V3

Besides the above features, there are some key features that make this APK top the list of hacking apps. and which are as follows;

The Magic Bullets

The best feature of Walter Black Apk PUBGV3 is the Magic Bullets. It is a tool that you can use to shoot at your target quite easily and perfectly. All you need to do is you have to fire in the very direction and the rest of the job is done by this tool. it is going to hit the target automatically.

Recoil Hack

This feature of the app helps you overcome the issue of recoiling. It gives you the option of disabling the recoil and you can fire as many rounds of your choice without recoiling.

Wall Hack

As the name suggests that this tool is about hacking the wall. With the application of this tool, the wall in the game becomes transparent and you can easily see your enemy through the wall and you can shot them dead.


Last but not the least, Aimbot is a feature of its kind which makes the player as if he is a skillful shooter, and it gives the player the luxury of aiming at multiple targets at a time. Just enable this option and you can shot them without any skill of shooting.

How to download Walter Black APK?

Tap on the provided link and wait for a few seconds. The link is fully safe and secure and hence you not need to worry about any cons.

How to install Walter Black APK?

Follow the following steps in order to install the app;

  • First, go to the file manager and open the Android folder
  • Open OBB and rename the file “com.Tencent.ig” to “com.tencent ig1
  • Go back to the Android folder and open data
  • Rename the file “com.Tencent.ig” to “com.tencent ig2”
  • Uninstall the original PUBG version
  • Download from the given link
  • Install


The above features make it easy for you to decide that Walter Black APK is probably the best app to hack the PUBG game. So you should start using it without thinking about any other app. So, download the latest version free for Android smartphones and tabs.