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About FaceNiff APK

Faceniff is an Android application that enables you to Hijack the Session of a different user who is connected with a similar Wi-Fi which your device is associated with. It sniffs and catches web session profiles of the person. Faceniff APK can seize the sessions of different users just if the Wi-Fi isn’t utilizing EAP. It is somewhat like Firesheep however it’s very simple to use Firesheep.

When you download FaceNiff APK, you should root your Android device before you can install and run this application. You have to enable Unknown sources during installation in the settings since Android smartphones are as a matter of course set to install applications from the Google Play Store. With these off the beaten path, you go to the following stage.

FaceNiff is nevertheless a breeze. In the wake of installation it on your Rooted device, change it from Offline to Online in the upper left corner of the application to enable it to utilize the accessible WiFi.

You would then be able to check the system for unbound web sessions which you can without much of a stretch hijack. The user won’t realize you have gotten to their account except if you see something fishy, for example, updating their content from your end. Else, you can check anything you desire from their web session and be abandoned regularly being taken note of.

Your seizing will keep going for whatever length of time that you are on a similar WiFi organize and your unfortunate casualty is still signed into whatever you would have captured. Something else, when they log out or quit utilizing the system, you will be consequently logged out also. On the off chance that you need to check an explicit thing, you.

FaceNiff APK required Root Access

This Android application is work only on rooted Android device. So, for that, you have to root your device. If the device is already rooted then it’s all right, the device is still No Root then you suggest you an Easy Rooting Toolkit for Android that is Autoroot tools free for Android smartphones and tablets.

Faceniff is an application for hacking for beginners who are still new to hacking. With its assistance, you can capture the session of your victim in the event that he is associated with a similar Wi-Fi which you are utilizing. Assume in the event that you need to Hack the Facebook account of your victim and your unfortunate casualty and you both are associated with a similar Wifi then this work should be possible with the assistance of Faceniff.

In fact, hacking Facebook with the assistance of Faceniff is beyond the realm of imagination now in light of the fact that Facebook has added significantly more security to it. Yet at the same time, there are numerous sites that can be hacked with the assistance of Faceniff.

How to Use FaceNiff App?

Faceniff works just in the event that you have connected over a similar Wi-Fi coordinate with your victim. When you begin Faceniff then it will screen all the system traffic over the Wifi system, and after that, it begins catching decoded session ID treats from the sites, and after that Faceniff enables you to get to the account being utilized by your victim.

As it were, Faceniff can be expressed as Session Hijacking. If the victim is getting to the HTTPS anchored sites, there is less shot of getting hacked for these sites. So here we have shared the total guide of utilizing the Faceniff application on Android devices.

  • At first Download Faceniff for your Android smartphone.
  • So go to settings and enable Unknown Sources from the installation setting
  • Install Faceniff in your device and give it root get to.
  • Make sure that you and the victim use the same wifi.
  • At the upper left corner tap on the Offline button to make it Online.
  • Tap on the Start button.
  • So, Faceniff will begin indicating your Unencrypted sessions.
  • In the event that your victim is getting to HTTPS sites, you can have a go at tapping on SSL Strip to drive the victim to fall back on an HTTP page.
  • These days SSL Strip includes doesn’t work for Facebook and Blogger.
  • To get to the victim’s session simply tap on Unencrypt sessions which are appeared in this app.
  • That is it, Now you will have the entrance to an exploited people web account. Appreciate!
  • If the victim logs out from the web, you will also be logged out auto.
  • How to unlock FaceNiff, click here and watch the video tutorial.

App Information

App NameFaceNiff
Size0.63 MB
Required Android4.0.2+
File TypeAPK


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