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Evil Life APK is an Android simulator game for adults only. This game is developed by famous developer Leo Leon. But today we are going to share Evil Life Mod APK for Android smartphones and tablets. Basically It is a dating game for 18+ users. Further, I will explain the game below.

In today’s world of frustration and depression, it is really important for everyone to have some time to relax and come out of their frustration and anxiety. This very issue has been brilliantly addressed by the Android system with its technological innovation. There are a lot of 18+ games in the Android community that allow you to live a virtual life.

What is Evil Life APK?

 Evil Life MoD APK is one the best games in this arena which provides you the luxury of enjoying your life. The main aim of this innovation is to acquit the players to forget their everyday tension and live a life that is free of frustration and full of enjoyment.

In this article, we will not only be introducing you Evil Life Mod APK but will also be talking about its functions and features in detail.

 Evil Life MoD APK is a decision-based Android simulation game, which is designed by one of the very famous developer Leo Leon, who is particularly famous for making adult games for Android operating system and this Evil Life Mod game is by far the best creation of Leo Leon which has been trending in recent times.

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Evil Life – Enjoy the taste of mesmerizing dating

The game Evil Life is a unique game of its kind which offers you the fascination of online dating. In the game, you’ve got to play as an unmarried young man and you are going to experience some thrilling and interesting love stories.

There are a lot of beautiful ladies available in the game that will fill your thrust of desire. You will feel a life-changing experience once you meet the girls on your trip. You will come across some amazing girls, and each girl will be an interesting story for you to discover.

The Evil Life Mod APK function:

As discussed earlier in the article, The Evil Life is a dating game where you experience some fascinating dates with beautiful girls. The beauty of this game is it functions in a simple and interesting way. 

In the game, you meet many different objects to flirt and conquer.  These girls could be office workers, teachers, or even bar workers. The player of this game easily gets fascinated by the girls as they are amazingly beautiful and can be considered as personality girls and each girl possesses unique and mesmerizing characteristics.

As a player, the first thing you need to do is to talk to whoever you meet. The first woman you’ll meet is on vacation. The game then uses different story section and on a daily scale, your character changes scenes from going to a bar, office, and a beach. You get to meet different women, each offering different stories.

Evil Life being a board-type game does not require much of a resource. You can use this application on as low as Android OS version 4.0 or above. When you first download the game, you have to allow some custom selection for the game to store its files.

Features of Evil Life Mod:

The salient features of Evil Life are;

  • Its 2D based world with 3D characters.
  • Doesn’t require a single penny to be paid.
  • Its beautiful and well-written stories.
  • Its real-time decision making.
  • Decision-based relationship status.
  • The Adult based fantasy scenes in the game.
  • And much more.


In short, Evil Life is a well-developed game that you’ll surely love. So, if you are willing to get some extra joy in boring time, then download the Evil Life Mod APK file to get one hell of a ride.